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Access Health provides classes, programs, resources, and healthcare coverage to lead our community on a path toward healthier lifestyles. We know that being healthy isn't always easy, so our approach is to show you how to take small, realistic steps. Choose one of the following sections that's right for you.

Click here to get some ideas of small changes you can make to live a healthy lifestyle.

Access Health

Since 1999 Access Health has created innovations that provide affordable coverage to eligible uninsured individuals and their families, backed by programs that help them make healthier choices to reach optimal health. We also help community businesses maintain a healthy workforce through population health management.

C3 Health

C3 Health is affordable, community sponsored health coverage for eligible uninsured individuals and families in the Muskegon area. In 2014, C3 Health was approved as Minimum Essential Coverage by the US Department of Health and Human Services, ensuring that participating members have coverage that meets the federal mandate for individuals.