Small changes start here:

Access Health provides classes, programs, resources, and healthcare coverage to lead our community on a path toward healthier lifestyles. We know that being healthy isn't always easy, so our approach is to show you how to take small, realistic steps. Choose one of the following sections that's right for you.

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Access Health

Access Health is a community-sponsored Accountable Care Organization (ACO) located in Muskegon Michigan. Since 1999, Access Health has provided innovative solutions to affordable, quality healthcare designed to improve the health of the community – the Triple Aims of an ACO program. We provide affordable health coverage to eligible uninsured workers and health risk management services to large self-insured groups.

C3 Health

The C3 Health Plan is affordable coverage sponsored by the community to provide minimum essential health coverage to employees who are not offered coverage at their place of work. C3 Health was approved by the federal government as meeting the criteria for the individual mandate, and is available to eligible residents of the community.

CHI Program

CHI is a unique health improvement wellness program designed to help individuals achieve and maintain good health. The business processes of CHI make it possible for our C3 plan members and our large employer groups to manage the health risks and cost associated with their health plans. In partnership with providers, CHI is improving the quality and efficiency of our community healthcare delivery system.

Health Captive

Access Health has begun working with local manufacturing employers to develop a Health Captive for self-funded insurance plans. The goal of the West Michigan Manufacturing Health Captive is to develop a cost-effective and value-based healthcare delivery for Muskegon Employers.